A Breathing Space

 We are excited to announce the transition to new owners Barbara Cockburn and Tammy Telles is now complete and we're looking forward to welcoming everyone to Pause.

We are offering:

  • Hot Spa Yoga
  • Curvy Gentle Yoga
  • Energy Medicine Yoga
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Soul Coaching®
  • and a variety of workshops

Hot Spa Yoga is an ayurvedic style of yoga that supports detox both emotionally & physically.  This is a gentle Hatha style of yoga that is suitable for everyone.  

Curvy Gentle Yoga is gentle yoga flow class that is appropriate for all levels and all curvy sizes & shapes.

Energy Medicine Yoga is a gentle yin yoga inspired practice that includes stretching and postures incorporating simple techniques to help balance your energy systems. 

Introduction to Yoga is a yoga fundamentals class focusing on correct posture and form.  It is a beginner to intermediate class and appropriate for 1st time students.

Restorative Yoga is relaxing and slow paced, with a whole sequence using as few as five or six postures which are held for long periods of time. We will also use props (blankets, bolsters and blocks) in order to allow the body to be in the most comfortable, supported position possible. Restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, regulates the blood pressure and relaxes the body. As such, Restorative yoga is considered particularly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia or headaches, as well as other stress-related conditions. 

Restorative yoga is believed to boost the immune system and accelerate the body's natural healing process.

Meditation at Pause will encompass a variety of techniques such as breathing exercises, guided meditations, mantras, sound meditations and aroma therapy. 

Soul Coaching® is a process that takes you to your spiritual source and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life. It allows you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, face fear, release old negative patterns, get motivated, and step boldly and joyfully into your future.


  • Come to yoga class hydrated (especially important for hot yoga). 
  • Avoid eating large meals two hours prior to class.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that breathes and is easy to move in.
  • Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early to check in and settle before class begins.
  • Turn off cell phones or switch to silent mode.


We provide filtered water, mats and towels. 

Class Schedule

MARCH  2018

Friday 3/23 - Hot Yoga  @ 6:00 pm

Friday 3/30 - Hot Yoga @ 6:00 pm

APRIL 2018

Friday - 4/6 @ 6:00 pm                      Hot Yoga

*********NEW CLASS*********  Tuesday - 4/10 @ 10:00 am Introduction to yoga                           ******************************

*********FREE CLASS********* WEDNESDAY - 4/11 @ 6:00 pm     ENERGY MEDICINE YOGA                           *******************************

Friday - 4/13 @ 6:00 pm                      Hot Yoga

Tuesday - 4/17 @ 10:00 am  Introduction to Yoga

Wednesday - 4/18 @ 6:00 pm         Energy Medicine Yoga

Friday - 4/20 @6:00 pm                      Hot Yoga

********FREE CLASS********         SUNDAY - 4/22 @ 6:00 pm             RESTORATIVE YOGA                                          ******************************

Tuesday - 4/24 @ 10:00 am  Introduction to Yoga

Wednesday - 4/25 @ 6:00 pm       Energy Medicine Yoga

*********NEW CLASS*******   Thursday - 4/26 @ 6:00 pm                Curvy Gentle Yoga                                                        ****************************

Friday - 4/27 @ 6:00 pm                       Hot Yoga


Pause Yoga

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