Spa Yoga

Be pampered with soft music, low lighting and a lightly scented room to help ease you into gentle yoga poses.  Enjoy ending the practice in savanna (reclining) while experiencing the  healing sounds of the ancient gong, singing bowls and/or a guided meditation.  Leaving feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

GENTLE HATHA YOGA - Utilizing basic Hatha Yoga postures, this class is designed to have you move gently and easily from one pose to another.  This practice is for anyone, at any level that wants to spend a calming and rejuvenating hour and 15 minutes.  Most movements will be on the floor.

YIN/RESTORATIVE INSPIRED YOGA - Utilizing only a few poses, we will be holding them for several minutes trying to access the deeper tissues to increase relaxation and improve flexibility.  It is a meditative practice that will stretch and relax you at the same time.  This is your practice, you determine how much stretching/holding is right for you.  

HOT STYLE OF YOGA - invites healing for those choosing detox from unhealthy eating, alcohol and drugs. Please consult your personal physician to make sure this is right for you. The temperature in the room is 92 degrees creating a sauna experience.  Mats and towels are provided. Hydrating with water through the day before yoga is essential. Finish your last meal 2 to 3 hours before class.





Energy Medicine Yoga is a combination of Hatha yoga poses  and Energy Medicine techniques including taping or holding pressure points, to help balance your energies and release stress and tension.   You will learn techniques to use on yourself and others including the Daily Energy Routine.  This class does not require any previous experience with yoga and/or energy medicine.



Veterans Yoga

We are currently not offering Veterans Yoga but hope to in the spring of 2018. 

Yoga for veterans helps men and women who have served to relieve stress, find peace, deal with PTSD, and maintain optimal fitness. Our yoga classes start with yoga, easy breathing practices and then into simple guided meditation. The purpose is not to still your mind, but to become aware of what is present in your body.  

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We have a yoga style for everyone.

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